Monday, May 13, 2013

Flint Hand Made Spring Craft Market Part Deux

Flint Handmade.  We love you.  We had such a blast at this sale and felt very confident in our display.  Everything was organized so well, and there was a real community spirit among vendors and shoppers.

Erica and Sam packed up the car and drove from Mount Pleasant the night before. 

They had a small adventure of driving around in circles for about 10 minutes because they had two different (wrong) addresses for the sale. Luckily, the day and the neighborhood were beautiful. 

Even though we weren't the most organized, Flint Handmade was. We got checked in, found our booth, and rejoiced.

We started setting up, debuted our new banner, Liz joined us, we cut coupons and got our new display going. 

After, we went home to Liz's for some fun relaxing (and pricing and other organization and prep). We watched Pitch Perfect and Liz's cat Lola registered her interest in our products (particularly the ones with cat nip in them.)

Finally, the day of the sale was upon us. With some coffee and Lacroix to fuel us, we set up shop!

Favorite moments: setting up (mostly) the night before the sale, the lovely Rachel at the booth next to us who makes delightful jewelry and accessories and was great company all day, superb organization by Flint Handmade which included the option to have volunteers run your craft space if you needed to get some food or make a bathroom run, and, as always, there were some great quotes from the day. Here are the highlights: 

I can't stop thinking about Pliny the Elder. - Liz

It was like Tim Gunn "Make it Work" plus Hulk-smash. -Sam

My pillow looks like the Shroud of Turin. -Erica

A few friends stopped by the sale, including Liz's fiance, Eric.  He bought a little something from each of the ladies, which was very unexpected and sweet.  Liz's sister, Amy, and friends Matt and Rachael stopped in too.  We love all the support that our friends and family have shown us at our sales over the years.

Lola loves her new catnip mouse.

We are quickly becoming huge fans of indoor craft sales: no wind, no sun burn (or wind burn for that matter), no excess heat or cold, and no rain.

Thank you to all of our new followers, and all the great people we met at Flint Handmade! As always, we will keep you updated on any upcoming sales you can find us at, as well as what's going on with us!

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