Thursday, December 19, 2013

Applefest 2013: The Year We Didn't Freeze

This year, Sam and Liz had a blast at Applefest!  Erica was missed greatly, especially when Sam and Liz were trying to put the canopy up by themselves; that task really benefits from the full trio.  While Erica was busy having a blast at a good friend's wedding, Sam and Liz enjoyed the higher temps of Applefest this year: dare they say it may have creeped into the 50 degree range?!?!  Of course, Applefest wouldn't be Applefest without some adverse weather conditions for this outdoor event, but the girls endured the minimal rain in stride.

Huge bags of kettle corn are always a huge plus.

Despite the rain and mud, a lot of people ventured out to Papa's Pumpkin Patch for this event.  Applefest brought us visitors (including family and friends: Hi Amy!  Hi Laura!), yummy cider and baked goods, the best kettle corn you'll ever eat in your life, and a few small sales.

Laura, Alden, and the camera shy Evelyn

Applefest marks the end of craft sales this year for the Locust Street Crafts team.  We will soon be evaluating which shows we want to sell at next year (have a favorite?  Tell us!), and in the meantime we will be tweaking our display, crafting new products, and enjoying the upcoming holidays with our families and friends.  As such, our posts may become more sporadic but don't fear: we are still here, crafting away.

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