Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We love Sam! Take two

We've all been busy with life and crafting our little fingers off, preparing for Applefest on October 6th in Mt. Pleasant.  Fun fact: This is the Zonta Club's 25th Annual Applefest - and this will be our third year there, woohoo!

We'll post more about our crafty goings-on later in the week, but Liz and Erica have been busy with a second super secret Sam post.  Here's goes!

Sam deserves the best birthday post ever. And even though this real post is a little late, Liz and Erica would like to share some of their favorite memories of Sam in honor of her 29th year.

There was an incident where Sam was cooking something at the Locust House, and Liz and Erica were in their respective bedrooms. All of a sudden, we heard Sam calmly say “Hey guys, the kitchen is on fire.” No alarm, no yelling, just the facts ma’am. Luckily, no one was hurt and the house was just fine.  

Not quite this dramatic, but you get the idea.
Sam also has impeccable fashion sense. From tie-dye shorts and well-loved t-shirts to heels and pj pants, she has given the contestants of “America’s Next Top Model” a run for their money.

What a rockstar!!!

In all honesty, when the three of us lived in the Locust Street house, Sam had the most professional job of all of us and put together these awesome coordinating outfits that often made Erica and Liz say things like, “Daaaaaaamn, girl!” She wore fabulous heels and would often walk to work. Yes, because she really IS a rock star and has super powers.

(Often, Liz wears heels for 5 minutes then starts to cry.)

Despite Sam’s kitchen-burning efforts, she made really excellent food often. We all consumed a lot of her famous caramel brownies (when Liz wasn’t eating all of the caramels), white bean chicken chili, and gingersnaps. And we ate a lot of popcorn too, which we called p-corn, so of course gingersnaps then evolved to be called g-snaps, etc. Abbreviation was our business.   

Wearing multiple layers and dancing/burning candles to keep warm. Heat is expensive, ya’ll.
In hindsight, we probably made and consumed so many warm foods because we were poor chicks in our early 20s, scraping to get by - meaning, we kept the heat in our apartment low in the winter and wore many layers, often wearing entire blankets, just to keep our extremities intact. Abbreviating food names was probably just a survival mechanism we used to not waste our precious warm breath.

One of the best things about Sam, we feel, is her loyalty and integrity to herself. She is so smart and strong that even when she encounters life’s challenges, she powers through and maintains a fearless confidence of self that is enviable and admirable. Sam reads lots of complicated and sophisticated books and can speak very educatedly about a variety of complex topics varying from evolution to forensics to philosophy and more. In short, Sam’s brain is giant and powerful.

One of the biggest lessons that Liz has learned from Sam is this: Nobody knows everything about life and you don’t have to always know what you are doing, because we’re all learning and we need to treat ourselves kindly in the process. Also: stop worrying so much, call your friends more often, and yoga. Just...yoga.

And also, love cats a lot but also love dogs just as much:

Fun fact: Sam LOVES Halloween, probably as much as Erica loves Batman. So, ya know, send her some cool Halloween sh*t, k? Crafts, decorations, fun things you see on Pinterest - leave some comments for her with Halloween stuff and she will love it! Cute pictures of cats and dogs are also welcome.


  1. I triple-dog HEART this blog post! Wonderful tribute to a beautiful young woman (inside and out).

  2. Thank you again, Cynthia! I'm a lucky lady to have such fabulous friends. :)