Friday, September 14, 2012

Word on the Street, September 14

Liz hasn’t been crafting much this week.  She’d like to say that she’s started working on new crafts for Applefest, or that she’s even worked on some of the crafting she wants to do for her wedding - but that would just be lying.  She’s got high hopes, as the song goes, but really needs to take the time to find a good balance and create a timeline for getting projects done.

She has, however, finished the afghan that she started working on this summer.  It took many hours and a lot of simultaneous tv-watching, but it turned out great.  Hopefully, she’ll get around to taking some good photos of it one of these days.

A friend contacted Liz this week to commission a crocheted hat in Detroit Tigers colors.  Liz’s mom is going to wrangle up the appropriate colors of yarn for Liz to use to make this - thanks for being a yarn hoarder, Pam!

And because Liz doesn’t have any great pictures to share this week of her craftiness, here is a cool picture and link to powerful information of craft adhesives, put together by Lemon Jitters.  Oh, it’s way cooler than it sounds:

Erica has Been Everywhere Man, from Myrtle Beach to Metro Detroit over the last two weeks. There were vacations and bachelorette parties, planned and surprise wedding showers, but she still managed to find some time to craft. In between tirelessly writing thank you cards to her generous friends and family and wrangling addresses for invitations, she is also working on a baby set for a friend. But before the baby set could be started, the yarn had to be worked into submission. 

 Sam has likewise been semi-crafty. She's designed a slouchy hat and designed a super cool stripey chevron scarf for Applefest. She's working on cleaning out her craft room to maximize crafting and meant to take a before picture to share with you so as to shame her into actually cleaning and organizing, but her brain went on vacation and that hasn't happened yet. Maybe next week you'll get a before AND after picture! Maybe even a whole post about cleaning and organizing the world's messiest craft room! Dare to dream! In the meantime, here's an idea of what is going on in Sam's head:

Which is to say that she's really excited about fall. And pumpkin lattes.

That's what's keeping us busy this week!

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