Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giving Thanks!

Truth time: we were going to post this last week as a Thanksgiving post. But when you tell the three of us that we get time off of work and a large meal we tend to get...distracted. And hungry. But mostly lazy. But then we thought: just because it’s not Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thankful! In fact, you should be thankful year round! So the first thing we’re all thankful for is the ability to justify our laziness. And just know, if posts are a little less frequent during the holidays, it’s because we’re having a great time with friends and family!

Sam is thankful for friends and family most of all. She has the greatest group of people in her life (obviously her two crafty partners rank pretty high on that list) and couldn’t be happier about it. For example, this little cranberry-covered lady:

It’s blurry because she’s almost two and VERY VERY BUSY

Sam’s niece Evelyn was a huge fan of cranberries at Thanksgiving. She was also a fan of running, laughing, and somersaults. Not such a fan of napping or sitting quietly, but who can blame her. It’s true what they say, kids make holidays way more fun. And loud.

It’s not just people that make things cozy and fun. Sam is also grateful for her little kitty friends like Ms. Harper here who decided to make herself comfortable on this blanket that’s not quite finished.

Sam could go on and on about things she’s grateful for (cold weather, a good job, a snuggly bed, stacks of books on the nightstand, coffee, tea, wine) because there’s just so much in this world to be thankful for.

Thinking about the past year and reflecting on grateful moment, Liz has felt a surge of thankfulness for the people in her life that have stepped in at the right times to help her - be it with a personal struggle, a craft, a work issue, or any assortment of things.  She is grateful to experienced friends and family who offered sound medical advice and support during a tough time, to the boss who was more like a friend, listening to Liz when she  just needed to let off some steam, to the Fiance who makes tea for her and agreed to book honeymoon travel arrangements because that stuff overwhelms Liz like no other, etc.  

Thank you to everyone who also just made the good times even better - sisters whose humor makes movie marathons so much fun, friends who get you out on the dance floor, and kids who can diffuse tense times by just being awesome little people.

Lastly, Liz wants to thank awesome artists and crafters who make awesome inspiring works like these:

Ceramics by Janelle Songer - every piece is beautiful, and they look even better in person.  Liz has seen her work at a few different venues and is continually impressed.

Holy crow!  Spray painting a wreath and adding a few small details is such a simple idea that yields a very pretty result.  Thanks, Sweet Daisy!

And this rug.  Can you believe it’s a latch hook rug?  Liz would love to design some patterns for a custom latch hook rug someday.  Liz is constantly impressed by the gals at A Beautiful Mess.

Not to start on a negative note, but Erica is NOT thankful for pictures that won’t upload no matter what computer she is on, and snow. Mostly snow. She is of the belief that it should only snow on the grass. But that’s neither here nor there.

Erica IS thankful for her new job that she is starting on Monday, December 3rd, but will miss things like this, hiding in staff cabinets.

Pictured here: Nic Cage, haunting your dreams
She will also miss working with some of the best people in the library biz, and all of her family-away-from-home figures that have adopted her over the years.

She’s thankful for friends, family, and two stupid cats.

Kitty slumber party!

She’s also thankful for her husband--which is still an odd word she’s slowly adding to her vocabulary.  As for other things, she’s thankful for a warm bed, a place to craft (even though she’s been very busy lately), food in her belly, and technology that allows her to talk to friends near and far.

Locust Street Crafts is thankful for the friends who come to our craft sales to visit, bring water and snacks, and buy our products that we make with love. We are so thankful that we have this blog to keep everyone updated with our crafty happenings, and we are very excited to see what’s ahead for our little crafty collective!

Happy Holidays everyone! What are you thankful for?

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