Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Frolic

This past Saturday, Erica and Sam set up the LSC shop at the Fall Frolic sale in Mount Pleasant. Liz couldn't be there in person, but she was certainly there in spirit. It was Erica's first craft sale as a Sadie (Sadie Sadie married lady) and she couldn't have been happier:

Not that Kevin's not enough reason to be happy, but that smile is also due in part to being inside. This was the first inside sale we have done and boy oh boy is it nice not to have to worry about getting a sunburn, or windburn, or rained on or your product blowing off the table in a gust of wind. It was glorious!

We had a great time, lots of traffic, lots of special visitors (like Sam's adorable niece in the top photo), and one of our most favorite craft sale neighbors of all time. Check out her product at It's good stuff! And her enthusiastic and cheerful attitude made for an extra fun day. Thank you to Laura Rivard for the delicious snacks and Cornerstone Church for putting on a great sale! 

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