Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Word on the Street--January 22

New year, new life.  That’s right - Liz got a plant.  Historically, Liz doesn’t know much about caring for plants and often doesn’t have the right light/water schedule worked out, so when she learned about the easy-to-care-for Jade plant, she decided to give it a go.

Jade is a succulent and needs watering only once every week or two.  It likes sun, but not too much.  Due to the plant-interested kitty Lola, who has eaten several of Liz’s plants to death, Liz had to get creative about getting the plant exposed to enough sunlight but away from the cat.  That’s when she remembered a tutorial she saw and had posted to Pinterest about making your own plant hanger with yarn - an alternative form of the macrame plant hangers made popular in the 1970s.  Here is the tutorial that Liz used, and here are pictures of how her plant hanger turned out:

Liz had to be a little careful about not damaging the leaves with the way that the pot nestles into the hanger.  Overall, she is thrilled with how it turned out, and Lola can’t get anywhere near the plant.  This project was quite simple and only took about 20 minutes to complete.  Apparently, Jade plants can get pretty big so look out in the future for a post on the repotting and creation of a larger plant hanger, so long as Liz keeps this plant alive.

Sam has been toiling away on two time consuming projects. The first is a hat for her neice Evelyn.

We should start playing a game called “How many cans of Lacroix are in Sam’s knitting pictures.”

The hat has a cable and is pink and purple. Evelyn will have a baby brother in March so be looking for some new baby gifts as well as some big sister gifts. Sam will take pretty much any excuse to knit for the kids in her life because before too long they’ll be too cool for Auntie Sam’s knits. In fact, Sam better finish this hat up before Evie’s head grows too much!

Sam has been traveling a lot in recent weeks and makes it a personal practice to never travel without knitting. However, Evelyn’s hat is a little too complicated to take on the road. So Sam started a project designed to be fun, easy, bust her stash, and fulfill her love of stripes.

It looks like a ruffle right now, but it will actually be a blanket. Sam is intending to keep it for herself, although her cousin Jess tried to lay claim to it saying it would perfectly match her living room. We’ll see about that. Sam hates weaving in ends, so she’s been carrying the yarn up the side between small stripes and is planning on adding some kind of border to cover up the carried yarn. This is one of those great WIP’s: no deadline, easy pattern, just for fun. It did, however start out with a small mishap: Sam was knitting away on her circular needles when the yarn started catching at the join of the needle which can happen when there’s a small piece of needle that snags the yarn as it goes over. As Erica was reaching for a nail file to try to smooth the join, Sam realized it was not a snag as much as her needle BREAKING away from the cable. Erica was kind enough to lend Sam some needles to continue on with, but in the words of Craft Night friend Heather: “Thanks for a new nightmare!” To all of you who will tonight have restless sleep with visions of breaking needles and large projects falling off into oblivion, we say, “You’re welcome, and we’re sorry.”

Erica has not crafted much this week. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t finished Kevin’s mittens (which in this cold weather would really come in handy!) She did go visit friends this weekend, and they headed to the North American International Auto Show, where Erica picked out her Christmas present for this year. Start saving your pennies, everyone! She took some awesome pictures, but her phone decided that Erica can’t actually do anything with them. Which is frustrating. She’s getting a new phone in 10 days, so that’s the good news! The bad news is, you don’t get to see Erica and friends living the dream in cars they will never own.

And that's what's keeping us busy! What crafty endeavors have you been up to in the new year?

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