Monday, January 7, 2013

Word on the street January 7th

Happy 2013 crafty readers and ready crafters! Welcome to the first post of the new year! We have so much good stuff in store for you this year; hold on to your yarn because here we go!

Liz has been working for the past several weeks (months?) on flowers for her wedding.  This process includes, but is not limited to, the following: cutting felt pieces, hand-stitching or hot-gluing pieces together, adding buttons, and attaching flowers to sticks (ahem, stems) with wire.  It’s slow going, but Liz already has quite a few flowers made at the moment, in various styles:

White with blue flowers -  based on a design that Liz saw on Pinterest from Martha Stewart website

And a variety of blue flowers with white buttons in the middle 

Close-up of one of the designs

And here is a gratuitous picture of the holiday tree that Liz put up and decorated this year, because even though she doesn’t celebrate any religious holidays, Liz has an affinity for tradition and twinkly lights:
Liz found the top-heavy tree topper at a local antiques store for 4 bucks! 

Sam has been doing a lot of crafting at her cousin Jess’ house. Jess bought a house last spring and there’s a beautiful craft room with this table Sam’s uncle made which is perfect for quilting and knitting. The mitten with the string that’s sitting on the table is a gift for Sam’s niece Evelyn. The mittens will be connected by an I-cord so that Evelyn can’t rip a mitten off and lose it. While Sam and her cousins were quilting and knitting peacefully on top of the table, this is what was going on intermittently under it:

These are Jess and Nat’s dogs Khay and Chauncy who love nothing more than to fight loudly right under the craft table. Their second and third favorite things to do are breathe in your face while you knit and get stuck in yarn. Crafting with animals: always an adventure. Sam did manage to get these sweet little bunnies knitted in time for her friend Heidi’s baby shower: 

Erica has been working hard and knitting her fingers to the bone to finish the huge house cover. And it’s finally done! It covers a queen-sized bed, and is comfy and warm. Erica fell asleep a few times knitting it because it was so nice and cozy! Presley decided to model the finished product, which makes him look like he’s swimming in a sea of knit afghan. 

Other projects Erica worked on over the holidays included travelling all over the state, trying to keep her apartment clean, and rolled paper roses.
She hasn’t decided what she’s going to do with them just yet, but they turned out really cute, thanks to the tutorial here. Erica decided 2013 is the year of finishing knitting projects, and has started a knitting project for her husband that she bought the yarn for three years ago when they started dating. The flip top glove/mittens, are turning out well, and knitting up very quickly! (Sorry for the blurry pictures, K and Erica were in a car)

The second mitten is about half-done, so Kevin will be able to wear them before the cold weather goes away--which here in Michigan, that could be next week or in three months!

And that’s what’s keeping us busy! What are you working on for the new year?

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