Friday, June 7, 2013

Word on the Street- June 7 edition

JUNE?! Who said it could be June?! It's June!

Sam has been working on this (soon to be) bag for a person who commissioned it at the Flint Handmade sale.

She's also been making any number of headbands, mice, and cotton puffs to sell on consignment. Additionally, this cute little (big) guy has been lighting up craft night now that he learned how to smile and laugh.

Also, because you missed Sam last week, you will be happy to know she has, in fact, had some LaCroix in her life.

The LaCroix is bigger than me! Eeek!

Liz has been a busy bee with wedding crafts.  She's almost done making felt flowers but has moved on to wrist corsages and boutonnieres.  Here are the corsages:

Alike, yet unique.
Liz is also trying new techniques in rug-making, which she'll share in the future.

Erica has been working on crafts for Liz's wedding as well: boxes for said corsages. She also discovered Vine, a social media app that lets you post 6 second videos. This app makes it really easy to make short stop-animation style videos, which is exactly what Erica did. Check it out!

Having planned a wedding just last year, Erica was happy to help Liz out and make boxes. Wedding planning is stressful, guys!

And that's what we've been up to! What crafty adventures have you been up to in the new month?

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