Friday, June 28, 2013

Word on the Street - June 21, 2013

Guess what?  Liz isn't the only crafty girl in her family, her sister Amy is pretty creative too!  Check out this card box Amy made for Liz and Eric's wedding shower:

How fancy!  Liz especially loves how shiny it is, and the heart inside the door.

Amy also saved the ribbons and bows from presents that the happy couple received, to make a practice bouquet for Liz:

Liz loves being part of a crafty family, and felt lots of love at the shower recently.  Only 7 weeks until the wedding!  Needless to say, Liz hasn't been crafting much herself except for wedding decorations - pictures to come.

Erica has been neglecting crafting, and instead has been packing and moving. When did she get so much stuff??? And when did her husband get even more stuff????? And why are there never enough boxes?
An artists interpretation of the great Smithnarski migration across town.
Luckily, in her free time, she's been able to knit a couple of simple dish rags, which have come in handy for cleaning during the transition from the itty bitty apartment to the much bigger duplex.

Sam has been working on a bag that a lovely LSC supporter custom ordered. She thought she was almost done, thinking the i-chord border and handle would be quick going. They are not.

Looks great, takes FOREVER
So Sam is going to dedicate her weekend to that whole thing. In her spare time, she makes fun of helpless animals. This is how her parents' dog Sgt. Pepper looks at Sam's mom whenever she's speaking.

Two can play at this game, dog!
 And that is what we've been up to, along with surviving the summer heat and humidity. What have you been doing?

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