Monday, July 8, 2013

Word on the Street, July 8th edition

Liz has been busying herself these days with wedding crafts - flowers for now, mostly.  She has a whole bin of felt flowers and has all the pieces cut to make ombre tissue paper flowers.  Check it:

There are close to 150 handmade flowers in there!

Liz would like to report that Lola has been no help in the flower-making process.  She stole a strand of raffia then ran behind the couch to try and eat it, but Liz managed to get it from Lola before that could happen.

Sam got that i-cord edge and handle done!

Hooray! With that project done, Samantha has been cleaning out various knitting bags and organizing her stash. There was a tough moment last night where she realized her stash space is officially full so be looking for some stash busting projects! She might even make herself a bag like this for beach purposes. And for modeling purposes.

SMILE with your EYES

Erica has not been crafting a lot--besides working on the same dish cloth, a row here and there, for the past couple of weeks. She finally finished that, and she and her husband got the house 99% organized and unpacked! And her trusty computer desk (which is currently computer-less) became her craft corner!!! And she would show you a picture of that if her computer would cooperate and let her rotate the picture...

Instead she will post a picture of some long lost friends of Kevin's. 
Gotta love a man in uniform.

She also finally got around to paining the Bob Ross Paint-By-Number kit that Liz got her last year. It turned out awesome, and Erica can't wait to hang it up in her craft corner!
Happy little trees. 

That's what we've been up to this week! What have you been crafting?

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