Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Wedding Lizzle!

This past Saturday our darling Liz got married to a wonderful man named Eric! Hooray, Liz, you're a Sadie Sadie married lady!

That is one good looking newly married cake eating couple.
Before even making it to the wedding, Sam, Erica, and Erica's husband Kevin had quite a day of adventures.
 First, they stopped to take pictures where Erica and Kevin got married just last November since it was just down the road from where Liz and Eric were getting married. But surprise, surprise, there was a Pet Palooza going on!
A big fat bunny?!
We will pet it!
There were also sheep and goats. The sheep were cute, but the goats...well...
 That goat on the left is saying, "Lady, don't mess!" and the goat on the right is biting Eric's hand.
Ouch! Goat jerk!
Erica was a trooper, even when Sam kept telling people, "Hey, Erica got bitten by a goat!" But that's ok because Sam accidentally offended a disabled parrot and his/her owner. Big birds are scary, ok?! And she didn't know s/he was disabled!

Anyway, after the petting zoo fandago, Sam, Erica, and Kevin met up with their friend Jason and witnessed Liz and Eric exchange beautiful, meaningful vows.

Yay, Eric and Liz!!

 Then? Well then we partied down.

Hooray, marriage!
Jason and Sam trying to quietly discuss their plans for some wicked dancing.
LSC crafts!

What a great day and wonderful, wonderful night. Congratulations, Liz, we couldn't love you more if we tried!

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