Thursday, November 8, 2012

Congratulations Erica Bizznarskismith!

Samantha and Liz are happy to dedicate this post to their darling B.  Erica got hitched this past Saturday and everyone had a great time dancing, drinking, chatting, and taking photobooth pictures:

LSC #smithnarski 4eva

Not to mention an encounter with a true knight in shining armor (hey, they do exist!):

Erica looked truly beautiful in her sparkly wedding gown and did a bang-up job on the crafty bouquets and boutonnieres - yes, that’s how you actually spell that word, we looked it up. 

And thanks again to Lindsay, the maid of honor who gave a great speech, wherein she Rick Rolled Erica and cracked everyone up. 

We love you so much, B!  We raise our glasses to you and wish you a long and happy marriage.  Or do we mean...mawwiage?