Friday, August 17, 2012


Caturday is EVERY day!

Here’s Lola, Liz’s cat, just being a lazy piece of fatness - but we wouldn’t want it any other way.  

Sometimes, Lola pretends that she likes to play or be brushed, but she really just loves laying around the best.  She is an extremely strange cat, in that she doesn’t play with yarn or get in Liz’s way too much while she crafts.  Given, Lola is no spring kitten being 10 years old, but even when she was a much younger girl, she didn’t get into much trouble.  The most annoying things about Lola include her hungry meow (especially in the wee hours of the morning), her enjoyment of chewing on plastic bags and packaging materials, knocking over cups and drinking glasses, and her weird affinity for laying on and rubbing her face into stinky shoes.  She typically sleeps on the back of the recliner - not the seat, the back - which is quite a balancing act for this 14-pounder.  Lola loves to look out the window, lay in her bed, and occasionally tear-ass across Liz’s apartment for no apparent reason at all.

Sam’s cats Harper and Henry are much less chill than Lola. Just last night she had to put down her knitting to break up a fight they were having about who got to sit in a window. There were three open windows. Cats are dumb.

This is Harper having been rudely interrupted by Sam while attempting to neutralize the threat these jeans posed to her family’s health and safety. Harper will similarly neutralize threats in the form of toilet paper, blankets, sweatshirts, and paper towel. It involves a lot of writhing and kicking with her back feet.

Henry prefers to help by laying on things, like this folder with WWII information,

or my knitting patterns.

For all of their quirks (Henry’s water glass thing, Harper’s shark eyes, or how both of them like to hide under the kitchen sink until you’re doing dishes and then come out and scare you, just to name a few), they are Sam’s tiny babies and she loves them. They even tried to rescue her when vacuuming the stairs scared up the BIGGEST MOST SCARY BUG IN THE UNIVERSE and Sam dropped the vacuum and ran.

Erica’s cats are young, and therefore super stupid. But cute as hell. It’s a tough life for Sneezy Beezy the Siamese-y and Xena: Warrior Kitten. They love the fish-on-a-string toy, the catnip mice from Auntie Sam, but most of all they like sleeping. All day. They’re like stupid little furry naptime best friends.
Like most cats, 85% of their day is spent napping, while the other 15% is spent eating, destroying things, and pooping. Despite the copious amounts of pooping, they have brought much joy into Erica’s life since she adopted them 10 months ago.

But seriously, life is never bad when you get to come home to this silly little cross-eyed face every day after work:

Happy Caturday everyone!

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