Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Word on the Street, August 30

This week, Liz is planning to narrow down some craft ideas for future sales.  In addition to a Pinterest board that she has dedicated to craft and DIY ideas, she keeps a small file drawer at home with ideas as well.  

Liz really likes to work with materials that she already has on hand, but draws the line at crafting with cat hair.

Erica worked on the huge afghan some more, and discovered that she could multi-task.

That’s right, folks. Knitting and reading. Some said it couldn’t be done; some said it would be easier to just listen to an audiobook. But Erica lives life on the edge.

In addition to mastering the knitting/reading combo, Erica also teamed up with her awesome fiance to design their wedding invitations, which are 8-bit themed, and pretty darn cool.

Sam is first and foremost completely impressed by Erica's abilities  because she tried knitting and reading once and almost broke her brain. 

This is one of the projects Sam finished this week. The lighting is TERRIBLE, Sam apologizes.  She whipped up this baby hat (it's purple, brown, and green) in just a couple of hours for a friend to give as a gift to another friend. Sam's been experimenting with carrying colors behind her work so that she can do as many stripes as she wants without weaving in a bunch of ends. If Sam were an evil genius with minions the minions would be made to weave in all of her ends. Because she hates weaving in ends, is what we're saying here.

And that's what's keeping us busy this week!

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