Monday, August 6, 2012

The Word on the Street, August 6

This week, Liz hopes to get more work done on the past projects that she mentioned and also get started on making some felt flowers for her wedding (pictured below is one prototype).  Oh yeah, we forgot to mention – Liz is getting married next year!  She hopes to make a lot of the d├ęcor for the wedding herself.

Erica had a crazy week and weekend, where unfortunately not much crafting got done. She did get to get more acquainted with her sewing machine toward the beginning of the week, however, and whipped up this little gem.

She had purchased a really cool shirt for her fiance, K-Fed, but it turns out that even at close to 6 feet tall, this shirt was way too long on him. Now it has a new life as an awesome book/stuff bag. She thinks that she did a pretty good job on it since it was a free-hand patternless design, and a couple people have asked “Where did you get that bag? I love it!”

Sam had a four day weekend and was looking forward to knitting with fall colors in preparation for Apple Fest which is coming right up. However, part of Sam's brain must have fallen out during the week because every single mitten, hat, and sock she started was coming out HUGE! She couldn't figure it out, she was knitting a gauge swatch and everything. In fact, that's all she completed over the weekend, a ton of gauge swatches:

Just when she was about to quit knitting forever Sam realized she was counting all the stitches in a two inch section of knitting...and then not dividing that to get the stitches per inch which is why everything was coming out twice as big as it should have. As embarrassed as Sam was by this stupid mistake she was also relieved to know it was an easy fix and she has now successfully embarked on some mittens that are the right size.

And that's what's keeping us busy this week!

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