Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy WOSween!!

Happy Halloween from your friends at Locust Street Crafts! We hope you have a spooky, safe, good time today and eat A LOT of candy. Once upon a time, when we still all lived on Locust Street together we carved pumpkins and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show which Sam had never seen before! It was such a fun night. Here's what we've been up to lately:

Liz hasn’t had much time for crafting lately - too many plans and wedding details to take care of at the moment.  She’s been making a few more hats to add to the supply of crafts for the sale coming up on November 10, since making hats is a pretty thought-free craft that doesn’t take much effort.

Liz loves her tiny suitcase that she uses to display crafts at the sales. 

Just another crocheted hat by Liz, in process.

Erica sometimes dresses up as Dora for the children at Veterans Memorial Library and got a chance to do so recently. Here's a picture:

The face is Dora, the attitude is all Erica.

 Other than that, Erica has been just swamped with wedding preparations including making these beautiful flowers for the bouquets.

 It's been hard, painstaking work but she's making progress. The craft night girls lent their talents last week and drew some petals.

Our crafting is fueled in part by Diet Coke and brownies.

Sam's been busy making samples for November and December classes at Joann's. There's a stitch of the month that Sam is particularly excited about called Ladder Drop Stitch.

Pretty and pretty easy!

 There will also be a loom knitting class offered; students will make a cowl using chunky yarn on a really cool loom. Sam hasn't finished the cowl yet, but she's getting there.

And that's what's keeping us busy! Happy Halloween!

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