Thursday, March 21, 2013

Word on the Street: Craft display weekend!

Wondering what your favorite crafty ladies were up to this weekend? Well wonder no more! Liz, Samantha, and Erica painted, cut, ate, napped, sewed, and did too much math, all in preparation for the upcoming craft sale season.

The first step of any crafty undertaking is to gather your supplies.

Not pictured: excessive amounts of LaCroix

 The next step is obvious: take a nap!
Sam, all tuckered out
No, actually, the next step is to use all those math skills you haven't used in years to figure out what you need and how much of it when you go to your local craft store.
Erica is normally really good at math. Today was not a normal day.
After all this hard work, it's time for lunch and some fuel.
Dharma Mojo: the aftermath

Coffee: breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.
Now, time for serious stuff: painting! Kids, always use spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Unless you live in Michigan and it snows all the time, then go ahead and start painting in your basement. 
Small basement, very little fresh air. This might be a bad idea...
 To keep busy between coats of paint (and to make sure your brain doesn't fry from the paint fumes), start working on your sewing projects! And remember, it's always good to wash, dry, and iron all fabric before cutting and sewing. 

Action shot! Look at those moves!
This fabric is so beautiful, it would be a sin not to sew it into our new tablecloth!

If you've been sitting in one place too long, try to sneak in some quick cardio to get the blood pumping.

Push ups!

Cat Scratching!
 Now, it's time for sewing. When you deal with 13 foot strips of fabric, pinning is very important!

Pinning, sewing, and hemming like a boss.
Erica and Liz working on the Locust Street Crafts Bridal Collection--coming to a craft fair near you!
Since that's done, maybe time for another coat of paint?
Too much paint, not enough fresh air.
Then test drive the table cloth. Is it up to your exact specifications? 
Is it an inexpensive Halloween costume?
... or a people eating monster?

Curious as to what all this effort was for, and how our display will look this season? Visit our blog later in the week for part two!

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