Friday, March 15, 2013

Word on the Street - March 15

Beware the Ides of March, yo!

It was not a great day for this guy.

Sam and Erica are busy preparing for a major CRAFT WEEKEND this weekend. Liz will be joining us in Mount Pleasant so we can get our display all ready for the season's sales. Sam and Erica are shopping for supplies and groceries (crafting requires sustenance, you know). Be on the lookout for lots of pictures and previews of crafts and our display next week!

We're going to take this up a notch. High fashion! Make it work!

Liz feels like she hasn't fully returned to a schedule since her return from Denver, with lots of work days in a row, much to do, birthday parties to attend, and her upcoming wedding (less than 5 months away!).  She's become confident that her tiny apartment will probably not be clean again until after the honeymoon.  Most of her crafting has been the creation of more wedding flowers, so here are a couple cute pictures of her nephews who had a joint birthday party recently since their birthdays fall only 3 weeks apart:

Grant, the super cool 8-year-old, checking out a new Lego kit.

Braeden, who is almost 4 and has already perfected the art of looking like he doesn't know a picture is being taken of him when, in actuality, he does.


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