Friday, March 1, 2013

WOS March 1 edition

Hello everybody and happy Friday!

It's been a busy week for Sam; her nephew was born Wednesday night! Now she absolutely has to get his baby blanket done! She did manage to finish these mittens for her cousin Jess:

You can't really see it (poor lighting + iphone camera) but the cable madness continues.

Sam's  been in full on organizational crazy mode, so she's been going through old stock to get ready for the new crafting season! Which gives Harper an opportunity to be judgmental and adorable from a higher vantage point.

From here she can see all of your sins.

Liz loves a good makeover story, whether it's with crafting, house organization, a DIY project, makeup, what have you.  Just a couple months ago, she was given a headboard (for free!) and wasn't too keen on the look of it so she decided to use a tutorial posted on Pinterest from a blog to make a stencil and paint it, originally inspired by this fantastic wallpaper.

Are you ready?  Here are the BEFORE pictures:

A little grainy, yes, but you get the idea - a basic solid wood headboard with a sort of whitewash paint effect over a beigey bottom coat.  Not a terrible look, just not Liz's style.  Here are the AFTER shots:

Liz found a nice blue paint at Home Depot and painted 2 coats on the headboard, using painters tape to carefully secure off the two golden cuffs on the posts.  

Liz first made a stencil out of cardboard, traced it onto the headboard with white chalk when the blue paint had all dried, then used a smaller paintbrush to apply 2 coats of gold paint.  The detailed image shows that there are some imperfections and that lines can move around a bit when painting by hand.  Luckily, Liz doesn't mind.  Hand-stenciled designs are often imperfect in folk arts, but it's not always so easy to notice when using light-reflective paint such as this metallic gold color.

Erica has been busy finishing the grey and pink baby blanket for Erin's baby shower--then illness struck. Stomach bugs = no fun. No worries though, this adorable and glowing mama-to-be was still showered in so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts, and loved the progress to the blanket so far! And she loved that it is in grey--her favorite color! 

So adorable, and so happy! 
Erica has also been keeping track of her coupons, as has Beezy. 
Silly cat, you can't cut coupons, you don't have thumbs.
 Otherwise, Erica has been trying to organize her craft room and get ready for a three day weekend full of cooking, crafting, and not leaving the apartment too much.

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