Monday, July 30, 2012

The Word on the Street, July 30

Liz has been working on drawing a picture for an old friend and hopes to finish it up this week.

Story Time: Back in high school, Liz made a lot of pen drawings of people’s names for friends and classmates.  Each name was embellished differently and Liz spent hours making each piece.  Enough people in the school found out about these drawings that Liz gained minor celebrity status and was asked to design the Senior t-shirts for her graduating class.  It was awesome!  Liz still has her shirt:

One of Liz’s friends, Stacy, has a name drawing and has asked Liz several times in the past couple of years to create a new drawing for her daughter.  Of course, Liz said that she would but has been so caught up with life and other projects that it was on the back burner for a while.  Finally, Liz put in the time to sketch out the new name drawing and is more than halfway done with it!  Stacy’s daughter, Piper, will have her very own name drawing in no time:

Liz has loved worked on this design for Piper.  It’s been many years since she has made a name drawing (probably since high school, actually) and it’s been a fun experience for her.  She’s been sure to update the overall look of the design while still keeping it detailed and interesting.  While Liz knows that she could probably do this work on a computer, she gets a deep satisfaction from doing it all by hand with pens.  She likes that little mistakes with ink pens help her figure out how to make the design work in a different way and practice keeping a steady hand.

Erica finally got her sewing machine after months of pining and dreaming and stalking the website of a certain store that sells craft supplies. On sale plus free shipping coupon makes Erica a happy girl! She’s been chug-chug-chugging away at her new machine, fixing her future Mother-in-law’s robe, and sewing a baby blanket.

Ted the Head (who's eyes are dead) got his hair cut the rest of the way. Sam's still thinking of ways to paint him so he doesn't look so terrifying but she has to hurry because her niece Evelyn is getting attached.

Sam's had a busy couple of weeks and not had much time for crafts, but she did take advantage of the time it took for her oil to be changed by starting some color work under the guidance of Debbie Stoller's Superstar Knitting. You can't see much of the color work in the picture but color work is something Sam's wanted to try for a while and so far is really enjoying it!
That's what's keeping us busy this week!

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