Friday, October 12, 2012

Applefest - 10/6/2012

Applefest was another great day this year - our third year in a row! The fun began when Liz and Erica came over to Sam’s house the night before so we could price and prepare our products! And drink wine and be goofy.

Liz, crafting

Erica, reacting to something gross and funny that someone said

Harper, getting all up in Liz's business

Sam was trying on some scarves with no idea how prophetic this picture would be.

Yes, it was another cold, cold Applefest. It even rained for a few minutes this year. Luckily, that blew over quickly and the sun came back out.  Lots of friends came out to say hello and check out the autumnal fun.  Thanks for your support, friends!

This is what our pretty booth looked like

Liz was shocked and awed when her sister, Amy, appeared at their booth.  Amy drove 2 hours from Lapeer to visit the girls at Applefest!  She chatted at their booth for a while, bought a couple things to support Locust Street Crafts, then she and Liz walked around to check out the other vendors for a while. 

It has to be said that Liz finally sold her ugly orange hat made of fun fur yarn.  The woman who bought it actually totally rocked the look, which we didn’t know was possible until that very moment.  We regret to inform our readers that we do not have a picture to share.

After a particularly violent gust of wind (during which Liz yelled “NO!” when a pair of slippers blew off the table for about the fifteenth time, which was Sam’s favorite moment of the day), we decided to pack it in and went to The Bird to get the traditional post-Applefest Mediterranean pizza.

While we were packing up, this pretty rainbow showed up! We oo-ed and ahh-ed and then realized we were still freezing and got back to packing up. When Erica got home, Ms. Beezy sat on her lap to help her warm up:

B is for Beezy and Bednarski
It was a happy, fun, crafty day! Thanks to Zonta for everything they do to make Applefest a success, not limited to selling hot apple cider, warm donuts, and other baked goods!


  1. Huzzah! There's nothing like the feeling of being done with a craft show - if only I could transport The Bird to anywhere a show is for celebration and sustenance. (And beer.) I'm so happy for you all!

  2. Thanks, Anne!It would be perfect if you could always have The Bird after every show! Hopefully someday we can all be at a show together!