Friday, October 19, 2012

Word on the Street, October 19

Liz has been busy.  She has crocheted a couple new hats but otherwise hasn’t been very crafty. Her highest hopes are to sell all of her current stock at the sale coming up on November 10th so that she can start fresh with shiny new craft projects in the new year.  Whether or not she sells out of the old stuff, Liz is planning to go through her “Craft ideas” links and printouts come January so she can get a game plan together for 2013.

In the meantime, Lola continues to sit on Liz’s lap, alternates between staring vacantly and RIGHT INTO YOUR EYES, and practices the art of the closed-mouth meow.

That’s right.  Lola sleeps on the back of the recliner, or just hangs out there from time to time.  Like a badass.  One might even say that it’s...ahem...crafty of her.  

Sunning herself in “kitty loaf” position on the bed.

Ooh, it’s Halloween time, look at Liz’s scary (read: fat and babyish) black cat and her big green eyes.  Isn’t she so pretty?!?!  Liz has come to love fat cats best - not morbidly obese, just pleasantly plump.

Speaking of pleasantly plump, that's what everybody at Sam's Homecoming party is going to be tomorrow after eating this HUGE amount of ginger snaps!

This is what Sam's cats, Harper and Henry did while she made all of those cookies:


Sam hasn't crafted much this week because it's been a busy one. Lots of cool and exciting things happened, but one of the coolest and most exciting things was getting this new computer that she is posting this very post from! And she sent this picture to Liz of the first thing she did with her new computer:

was catch up on New Girl.

Our little Erica is MIA this week because she is about to be a bride very, very soon! And she moved! And therefore she's busy.

So we're all busy ladies. But we'll be back soon with more crafts and probably more cat pictures.


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