Friday, October 5, 2012

Word on the Street: Applefest Edition

Hey everybody! We are so excited for this Saturday, which is Zonta’s Applefest! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Sam’s been knitting her little fingers off on a few projects including flowers that will eventually be made into hair pins

as well as this chevron scarf:

Remember that hat from last week that was being modeled by a can of Lacroix? Well, a few cans of Lacroix later and look how much it’s grown!

Sam’s also working on getting her craft room in better shape so that when Liz and Erica come over Friday night for craft sale prep they will have room to work (and Sam won’t die of embarrassment).

Liz has been making a few new craft items, inventing single-stitch crochet patterns to make a couple cowls, not to be revealed here but at Applefest.  So, dear readers, come visit us.  And maybe buy Sam’s chevron scarf before Liz gets to it first!!!

This year, Liz wanted to appeal more to the holiday gift crowd at Applefest with some handmade ornaments, but she didn’t get around to making any.  Next year’s plan is to plan better (planning to plan?  Sounds good, right?).  She did, however, make this cool wreath:

Liz loves Halloween (probably not as much as Sam, but still lots), and got a little bummed one day about not really having any Halloween decorations or any money she could spend on getting some.  So, resourceful lady that Liz is, she decided to make a bunting/banner for herself based on a few things she saw on Pinterest:

The banner hangs above the tv and adds some decorative flair to the living room, though Liz thinks it could benefit from a dash of glitter glue.  Liz’s fiance, Eric, bought her flowers recently that Liz carefully dried out and put in a vase, also for some seasonal flair:

And yes, that is a Harry Potter quidditch Lego set.  Sometimes, Liz and Eric still play with Legos.  Play is good for you, not to mention that Harry Potter is awesome.  Liz hopes to listen to all of the audio books again this fall and winter during her work commute.

Erica has had three goals this week: Craft, Wedding Plan, and Advise!

1. Craft: Erica has been crafting her fingers to the bone to finish many cute items that will be on sale at Applefest this year, including these toasty warm items to keep noggins, fingers and necks warm...
… along with a bunch of cute bottle cap magnets that Erica lovingly picked all the glue off of.

2. Wedding planning: a work in progress. As always.

3. Advise: Erica is the Alumni Adviser for the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter at CMU. This week was Jump, the annual event where sororities on campus finally find out who their new members are after a week of recruitment events. This year, 18 women decided to join DPhiE’s expanding sisterhood--which brings the chapter total to 80 women! Erica is definitely a proud mama bird this week.

And that’s what we’ve been up to this week!

Don’t forget to come visit Locust Street Crafts Saturday at Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in Mt. Pleasant for Applefest! We can’t wait to see you there!

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