Saturday, April 27, 2013


We are all too busy this week to post any crafty business.  Some of us are traveling, some of us are going to doctor's appointments, some of us are going to other appointments, and we're all just trying to keep the mayhem at bay. 

That being said, here are some pictures of our cats lately:

Sam went on a work trip to Atlanta. The cats were displeased but whether it was because she left or because she took her suitcase (aka the new bestest spot to lay down ever in the whole wide world), we may never know.

Regardless, Sam missed Harper and Henry and gave them big hugs when she got home! Which they hated, because they are cats.

Somebody missed Sam: this is her neighbors' cat who likes to come over and pretend he belongs in the house. He'll let himself in at the smallest opportunity and is so enamored of Sam that she has been known to ask him if he is her spirit animal. He is a sweet boy and if he didn't have a home Sam would have most certainly adopted him into Sam's House for Wayward Cats with Special Needs (est. 2003).

Liz didn't travel anywhere, but her fiance, Eric, was in Philadelphia recently.  Lola loves Eric to pieces and really missed him.  She gave him lots of cuddles when we got home:

And she also just spent some time laying in her bed, being a weirdo as usual:

Now that everyone is home and things are back to normal, Lola has gotten into the habit of running into the bedroom at night, jumping onto the bed, and hunkering down just as Liz and Eric are getting ready to go to bed.  Lola isn't allowed to sleep in the bed because she's very restless and has an annoying early (soooo early!) morning routine of meowing for breakfast/attention.  Liz actually had to buy a white noise machine a few years ago to get some peace and rest!  But Lola is so cute that this weird new habit is hard to resist.  At 14+ pounds, clearly this cat doesn't need to be fed any more than her current diet.

Erica's two little furry princesses are best friends. Between her and her husband, there are at least 100 pictures of them being best friends - snuggling, sleeping, playing, and fighting (even best friends fight!).
So excited to choose our new family members that we forgot the cat carrier...
Xena (Warrior Kitten) is a ferocious but fickle little lady who will stop at nothing to hang out with Kevin. Her favorite activities are attacking the fish-on-a-string toy and ignoring Erica. She's also overweight, which looks even funnier with her tiny head and short legs.
Don't tell Xena, but she's never going to fit in that box.
On the other hand, Beezy the half-Siamese/half-Tabby princess loves Erica almost as much as she loves belly scratches. She loves to wake Erica up every morning by slapping the blinds against the window until they are opened. This is by far the most annoying way to wake up, and if Beezy wasn't so cute, Erica might actually get upset about this unconventional alarm clock. When they first brought the cats home, Beezy was a very pale cream color with little grey paws and ears, and a couple of stripes on her face. She became the incredible color-changing kitty, with the pale cream color turning into many grey stripes all over.
Baby Beezy
Grown-up Beezy

All the cute that happens in Erica's apartment is almost too much to bear sometimes. How does she get anything done with such cute little faces demanding cuddles?
Best Friends Forever
Don't forget, we will be selling our goods (but not our cats) at the 6th Annual Spring Craft Market in Flint just next week on Saturday, May 4 from 10-4.  Come say hi to us!

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