Saturday, April 20, 2013

What we watch when we craft

Movies.  TV shows.  We LSC girls watch a variety of these.

Erica loves movies. Just loves them. So much she's got 3/4 of a Master's degree in Film Studies. As much as she loves movies, there are just some things that are better than others to craft to. Like the following:
Super Troopers. She probably doesn't actually have to watch it anymore, since she could recite it from  memory. But it's still a good time, and hilarious.
"You have a good day meow."

"I hold a PhD in horribleness." One of the funniest musicals, and accessible at all times through the internet. Erica knows every song, and laughs every time she sees it. 

Always Parks and Rec. One of the funniest of the workplace shows, with great characters and great writing. And Ron Swanson is the best character on TV right now.
And Dirty Dancing never gets old. One day Erica is going to make a shirt that says "I carried a watermelon."
Things that are not good for crafting: Serious business like Mad Men (too much attention needed), horror movies (crafting with the lights off is tough!), and anything with subtitles.

Sam's list includes:
Downton Abbey. British TV is just THE GREATEST for knitting. A lot of the characters even knit! Sam does put her needles down whenever Mr. Bates is on screen because she lurrrrves him and his martyr story line. That face! Kills her every time.

Gilmore Girls. Sam has seen every episode a GAJILLION times.

Once, while doing holiday crafting, Sam may or may not have watched this movie three times in a row. But once it was with commentary so that's... still unacceptable. She knows, she feels the shame. But it's so funny!
Honorable mentions include: Bridesmaids, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, The West Wing, any John Wayne or Dolly Parton movie, and she just started Call the Midwife. Oh, and Lark Rise to Candleford! And Revenge of the Nerds! Sam watches too much TV and too many movies. It's a problem.

Some shows and movies aren't great to watch while crafting (Liz can't do anything else while watching Law & Order: SVU, or she will miss something vital!), but there are lots of great shows that don't require such attentiveness, such as some of these tried-and-true Liz favorites:

Cheers.  Because sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

That 70s Show.  Liz actually watched the entire series this past summer and fall, but she'll still watch any episode whenever it's on.  For the record, she prefers Donna as a redhead, but that's neither here nor there.

And of course, Harry Potter.  Liz read the books, she loves the movies and has seen them a bunch of times.  If you're new to the movies, you may want to pay close attention to follow all of the plot and catch the cool graphics wizardry (pun intended), but after that, these movies are great for some marathon crafting - 8 movies worth!

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