Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Word on the Street - mid-April, 2013


Liz has another plant!  Oh joy!  Her jade plant has been growing well in the plant hanger that she made for it, so she decided to make another one for the new plant - but this time, with a little more color and a little different style.  The plant came with a little tag saying what kind of plant it is, but Liz couldn't pronounce it so let's just call it Happy Yellow Plant.  She really just decided to wing it and see what happened:

Strands of white, brown, orange, and turquoise yarn.

The Jade plant is doing well and growing new leaves!
Both plants together, each on their own side of the bay windows in Liz's apartment.  Home sweet home.
Sam has been toying with some new patterns to great success! It's been one of her personal goals to decrease the amount of waste she creates and money she spends on disposable things. To that end, she started making little puffs to use in place of cotton balls. The first prototype did not come out as expected:

Coffee for scale and for energy.
Puffy, yes. Little? No. Good for dishes but not for cotton ball replacement. Designing crafts giveth (a new product! Dish scrubbers!) and it taketh away (this will not work for it's original purpose). But with just a little pattern know how and determination, Sam made this:

Both little and puffy! Success! Now make a squillion more!

At this point the coffee kicked in and logic kicked out. Sam took a picture of them together for comparison and then wanted to give you a preview of the two tone one she started this morning:

Then she added a little more...

All the things!
She looked around for a cat but Harper and Henry had both made themselves scarce (smart kitties).

Erica was very excited about finishing her spiral baby blanket. She's pretty pleased with the results. Since gray is her friend Erin's favorite color, and all baby girls need a little purple to balance out all the pink, Erica thinks that wee little Claire will love it!

She's also been pinning like a crazy woman! The quilt is starting to look more quilt-like every time she gets to sit down and work on it. She's really excited to see the final product, but has loved working on this project so far.
In addition to knitting and sewing, Erica has also been paper crafting (well, as much paper crafting as she can handle), making some adorable cards with yarn. Here's just one example:
Mmmm, coffee
Obviously a much busier B than last week, she and the other ladies have been cracking down and getting ready for the Flint Handmade Spring Craft Market on May 4th. Oh, what's that, you didn't know? You forgot? Well, here is the information again, because we don't want you to miss it!

Locust Street Crafts will be at the Flint Handmade Spring Craft Market on Saturday, May 4 from 10-4, in the beautiful Masonic Temple in downtown Flint. Come check it out and say hi to us!  Admission is only $1.

We hope to see you there!

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