Friday, April 5, 2013

Word on the Street - April 5

Hey hey! It's Friday! And Friday means an LSC update! What a great day!

Liz decided to try her hand this week at crocheting a rug using a big crochet needle and a big chunk of fabric cut into a continuous strip - a familiar process, the basic chain, but new material.  Here is the result:
Not bad!  Liz was pretty happy with the result.

Now, the only was to really describe this color of this fabric is "dusty rose" (or Maeve Binchy, as us LSC girls like to say).  Liz wasn't too happy about that, so she bought some fabric dye - also a new craft experience for her - to see if she could make the rug a more attractive hue.

Fuchsia, not so different from the original color of the fabric that it would be a disaster is the dye didn't work properly.
Stay tuned to future blog posts to see the update on the magical dusty rose/fuchsia fabric crochet rug experiment.

Sam has been working on prototypes for this year's craft season. Here's the beginning of her pedi-socks:

Eventually this will be a sock you can put on to keep your feet warm while you paint your toenails! How, you say?! Black magic? No, just some knitting trickery. Stay tuned to see the final product.

This is the other product Sam is really excited about: face puffs! It's been a goal of Sam's to replace disposable items with reusable ones. Easier on the environment and the pocketbook! These are hopefully going to replace cotton balls. The idea is you use them, wash them, and then use them again. The only problem is that Sam crocheted this one and then...can't seem to make another one. Hmmm...Crocheting might just not be meant to be, so she's going to try to create a knitted pattern instead.

Erica has been one busy B this week and has no crafts to report at this time. While we'd love for crafting to be our whole lives and only priority, sometimes other things come up. It's a fact of life we hate. And have to accept. And hate to accept.

That's it for your favorite crafty girls this week. What are you working on?!

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