Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's Sam!

Hi everybody! My name is Samantha Minnis; I am a knitter, cat owner, yoga do-er, TV addicted lady living in Mount Pleasant, MI.

Hello from our first craft sale! We had no idea what we were doing!
My mom taught me to knit when I was about 9 years old. I really enjoyed the process and didn't care so much about the outcome which is how my first endeavor ended up being a monstrous thing with holes and split stitches and about 50 colors of yarn all pieced together. I don't know what happened to it, but I can only hope a holy order of yarn monks stole it and burned it and buried it so that it wouldn't be a portal by which to bring evil into the world.

I'm not kidding; it was offensively bad.

Fast forward to college when the lovely Erica hosted a craft night and offered to re-teach me. I'm here to tell  you muscle memory is a beautiful thing, Erica is a wonderful teacher, and this is a great book:

I've been knitting and we've had craft nights ever since. Now I teach knitting at JoAnn Fabrics in Mount Pleasant, MI (come take my classes, they're fun!) and sell my knitted goods with the other fine ladies of Locust Street Crafts and sometimes at The Book Shelf in Mount Pleasant. Here's some stuff I make:

The headband, the hat, the items in the yellow bowl, and the catnip mice in the basket are things I made!

I live with my two cats Harper and Henry. Knitting with cats near by can be interesting, but they do pretty well for the most part.

Henry cuddling with my knee

Harper all tangled up in yarn

Other than that, you should know that am currently obsessed with British TV (Downton Abbey 4eva), La Croix sparkling water, staying up late, and stripey things. I am always obsessed with knitting, Harrison Ford, red wine, Jane Eyre, and dark chocolate. I also have two other blogs: one where I write about general shenanigans and another one where Liz and I talk about being sometimes-sort of-mostly-vegetarian.

I'm so happy you're here reading our little blog! We hope you'll continue to follow our adventures in friendship and crafting!

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