Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Word on the Street, July 25

Liz hasn't been up to anything new when it comes to crafting – mostly thinking and planning, still plugging along on that afghan, and doing a bit of internet surfing from time to time. She's been annoyed lately that 2 of her 3 houseplants don't look so well because Lola will eat any plant that she can get to, so Liz has to keep plants on high surfaces or strange places that tend to not provide enough light. Part of her internet searching lately has involved ogling macrame plant hangers that can be mounted into a wall or ceiling – a great solution! Something like this one, available from seller JoanDougArt on Etsy:

Erica worked hard on Baby Moss’s afghan, but didn’t get it finished in time for the baby shower. Which was okay, because Baby Moss’s big sister Cheyanne got to learn to knit, and knit a few stitches on the blanket!

She was also busy with birthday festivities, such as seeing “The Dark Knight Rises” at midnight on Thursday, renewing her license, and seeing the Detroit Tigers take the lead in their division against the Chicago White Sox. It was hot, she got sunburnt, she paid $8.50 for one beer, and she had a great time.

 Locust Street Crafts got a new member this week! Ladies and gentleman, this is Ted the Head! Sam's little sister Jane is in beauty school and she snagged us this head model when she was done practicing on him. Jane will finish shaving his head and we will give him an extreme makeover so he can model our hats at craft shows. He will work on not looking so terrifying and dead around the eyes. 

This is how Sam's cable bag from last week turned out. Sorry about the crummy picture, she had to take it it quickly before she turned the bag in at JoAnn's where it's currently on display to entice people to take her classes.

That's what's keeping us busy this week!

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