Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Gal, B

by Liz and Sam

Wanna know a secret? This is a super secret post written by Liz and Samantha, to celebrate our fellow LSC girl, Erica. Today is Erica’s birthday, and we wanted to honor her: our great friend, our snarky craft compadre, our fellow Dirty Dancing-lovin’ pal, our B.

Every time that Liz sees this picture, she cracks up.  What's even happening?  Sunglasses AND a hat - indoors?  And that funny face that B is making...priceless.

Liz and Erica met while working together at the local public library in undergrad. Through mysterious mysteries, they developed a friendship and even discovered that they knew similar people. They bonded over long days at the library, not limited to hungover mornings, food runs, and Sex and the City.

Erica and Sam also met at the public library. They bonded over a mutual dislike for most people upon first meeting, but liked each other almost right away. Little known fact, Sam and Erica actually once shared a hangover. The morning after a good-bye party for a librarian, Sam came in feeling awful while Erica felt fine. At noon, the tables turned and Erica took shift two of the hangover. Thank you, little pal! Erica also taught Sam that there was such a thing as canned potatoes (Sam had no earthly idea, you guys) and exposed her to the comedic stylings of Mr. Eddie Izzard for which she will be eternally grateful.
Erica as Dora the explorer.  Sure, this could be a generic picture of anyone ripped from the interwebs, but it's our Erica.  She might not have a particular liking for most children and absolutely no liking for a certain explorer named Dora, but she's willing to go the extra mile for her job.
We both love Erica for her dry humor, blatant honesty, tastes when it comes to books and movies (Chuck Palahniuk, yes!), her hilarious antics, and her fierce devotion to her friends.

Happy Birthday, our Bizzle! We love you!

We forgot to tell you about B's magical skillz in Microsoft Paint.  This picture of B, Samantha, and Liz was taken at a craft fair on one particularly chilly autumn day and B used her aforementioned skillz to make this picture look as though we were all wrapped up in a big bunch of twisted yarn.  

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