Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lady Harper and the Cat Nip Mouse

 by Samantha

What are you looking at, Human?

Last night I was working on my computer when I heard a rustling sound near my feet. I looked down and there was Harper, spazzing out with a catnip mouse I made and gave to the cats for Christmas.

There's nothing to see here. Look away.

She was rubbing it on her face, flinging her body back and forth, and kicking it with her back feet. If you have cats or have seen a cat get all goofy and playful, you know what I mean.

I love it, I love my naughty pet!
These catnip mice are my best sellers at craft shows. They are durable (trust me, my cats have had the same ones for years and have really put them to the test) and if Harper's behavior last night was any indication, the catnip smell stays potent for a long time. They're made with Stoned Kitty Catnip which is grown locally by a friend of mine. If you want to watch your own cat spazz out with a homemade catnip toy, send me an email at or if you're in the Mount Pleasant area, stop by The Book Shelf.

Trust me, this look on your cat's face is worth every penny:

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